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> Hello,
> I am writing a master thesis about open source development processes and 
> one of my analysis objects are processes of the FreeBSD project. The 
> FreeBSD documentation (handbook, articles) is a great source of 
> information, but there are some points missing in the documentation I 
> consider important.
> I would like know more on the following items:
> 1. Who makes the decision, who is authorized and who is responsible for 
> accepting (adding) new commiters?

It depends on their proposed area of responsibility.  The FreeBSD
Project is governed by the Core team, which is an elected body of
FreeBSD committers.  With respect to your question about selection of
committers, the FreeBSD project is currently divided into three main
subprojects: the src tree, the ports tree and the doc tree.  The core
team delegates responsibility for specific aspects of the project to
other groups of committers.  Core is responsible for selecting src
committers, the Port Manager (portmgr) group for ports committers and
the Documentation Engineering (doceng) group for doc committers.

New committers are usually proposed by an existing committer who will
act as mentor for an initial period.  The relevant body then considers
the submitter's track record (mailing list activity, PR submissions,
other factors) and votes on the proposal.  If successful, the mentor
works closely with the new committer, to help the new committer learn
to work within the FreeBSD community, learn the technical skills
required (e.g. performing CVS commit operations, etc) and to oversee
their activity.  Mentoring typically extends for a period of a few
weeks to a few months depending on the individual, and is mostly an
informal process between mentor and mentee.

> 2. Who makes the decision, who is authorized and who is responsible for 
> releasing (deleting) existing commiters (whatever reason)?

The same groups as above - mostly due to inactivity on behalf of a
committer (e.g. no activity in over a year and unable to contact them
to confirm status).  In cases of severe conflict or disturbance it is
sometimes necessary to remove an active committer: fortunately both
are rare occurrences.  As above, the core team has final authority
over the project.

> A great help would be a link to a document describing this issue (but a 
> simple answer helps, too).

See also


for various information that might be of interest to you.


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