A few weeks ago, there was a troublesome version of ghostscript-gnu
in the ports, which corrupted my output as you describe (I have
an HP laser printer). I think it was version 7.07_1; I had to downgrade
to 7.05 for getting rid of the problem.

The latest port has solved the problem. So if you are running the
troublesome version, try upgrading your ports collection and
your ghostscript-gnu.


Lewis Thompson wrote:
> Hi,
>   I'm not sure if this isn't a bit off-topic but I hope somebody might
> know the answer anyway.  I'm running 5.1-R and I've cups-lpr (and all
> the other necessary stuff installed).  When I print from
> mozilla-firebird (mozilla-gtk2 it uses, afaik) it does actually work but
> it's printing is in what appears to be Courier New or some other
> fixed-width font, instead of the font displayed on the page.  I know I
> can print TT-fonts because I've printed stuff from AbiWord2 without
> issues.  Furthermore the text is all ``squished''.  Any hints for
> sorting this behaviour would be greatly appreciated.
>   Thanks very much,
> -lewiz.

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