Hello all!

I'm setting up a POP3/SMTP server (going to use qpopper/sendmail) for my community computer access center and i have little experience setting up a pop3 server (i have more experience setting up a private smtp relay server).

My primary question is how can i set up user accounts strictly for POP3 access without shell access, or even without the home directory set up. I was wondering if maybe (luckily and convieniently) adduser had an option for easy pop3 user set-up, but i didn't find any, then i thought that maybe i'd make a shell script to do all the restrictions automatically.

I was also wondering if anyone knew how to do that check first/send after bit where users must first check their pop3 mailboxes before using the SMTP server to send mail out (i want to prevent just anyone from the internet from using the SMTP server). Any more comments/suggestions would also be greatly appreciated. Thank all of you in advance!

-Rian Hunter

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