Fdisk (using /stand/sysinstall) disagrees with the values my bios is reporting. My BIOS reports that my 120GB drive has this geometry: 59131 Cylendars, 16 Heads, and 255 sectors. The drive is an IBM deskstar. When i try to enter the correct geometry, Fdisk gives me the message below.

---------start message--------- Message WARNING: A geometry of 59131/16/255 for ad2 is incorrect. Using a more likely geometry. If this geometry is incorrect or you are unsure as to whether or not it's correct, please consult the Hardware Guide in the Documentation submenu or use the (G)eometry command to change it now.

Remember: you need to enter whatever your BIOS thinks the geometry is! For IDE, it's what you were told in the BIOS setup. For SCSI, it's the translation mode your controller is using. Do NOT use a ``physical geometry''. (100%) [ OK ] Press enter or space ----------end message----------

Sorry, i just had a closer look at the CHS numbers 59131/16/255 fdisk spits out and it is completely correct, this is no valid geometry!
For all the glory details read:


In short, the number of sectors should be <=63. I remember, that I had the same problem with an Samsung SV1204H (also 120GB) and an Abit-BX133. I had to manually insert the correct numbers there. The disk reports 232632/16/63, but due to a small bug in the BIOS, I couldn't choose a cylinder value of 232632. So I used the 14596/255/63 mode. Note, that the sector number in both cases is <=63. The number of cylinders can slightly vary for your IBM disk.

So I suggest to erase the partition table as I described before and then force the BIOS to use either the 16/63 (if possible) or 255/63 mode.


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