Although some problem with a similar file is mentioned in, it doesn't
say anything about it being under /usr. The file is named
@LongLink and it is directly under /usr
(not under /usr/ports/multimedia/gstreamer-plugins/files as the 
errata suggets). It's size is 111 bytes.

od -c "@LongLink"
0000000    p   o   r   t   s   /   m   u   l   t   i   m   e   d   i   a
0000020    /   g   s   t   r   e   a   m   e   r   -   p   l   u   g   i
0000040    n   s   /   f   i   l   e   s   /   p   a   t   c   h   -   g
0000060    s   t   -   l   i   b   s   _   e   x   t   _   f   f   m   p
0000100    e   g   _   f   f   m   p   e   g   _   l   i   b   a   v   c
0000120    o   d   e   c   _   a   l   p   h   a   _   s   i   m   p   l
0000140    e   _   i   d   c   t   _   a   l   p   h   a   .   c  \0

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