On Wed, 20 Aug 2003 02:12:09 -0400

> Sorry, I don't mean to double-post/send.  But I'm not sure if it went
> through the first time.  I was just wondering if it was possible to
> make the port apache13 (/usr/ports/www/apache13) to use perl 5.8
> (/usr/ports/lang/perl5.8) when compiling instead of perl 5.6
> (/usr/ports/lang/perl).  I have perl 5.8 installed on FreeBSD
> 5.1-CURRENT, and wanted apache to use it instead of perl 5.6.  If
> there is some way to make the apache port do this, could you please
> let me know.
> Thank you, much appreciated
> -Mo

Try.. `use.perl port' as root.. or did you do that already?

FreeBSD 5.1-CURRENT { 6+04:10:20, 140M/1017M }
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