I started trying to use FreeBsd back in v. 4.5.
This was with a Pentium 200MMX, standard IDE ATAPI cd-rom.
Now, I'm with an AMD, Athelon 950, with a standard IDE ATAPI
cd-rom, (56x, the former was a 24x). I still get the now
irritating error; can't find cd-rom.
Five years (?) ago, I could actually get it installed, but
couldn't get past root-password.
Everything goes just fine up to; where do you want to install
from?  CD_ROM -- can't find cd-rom.
I've had the cd-rom on Primary/Slave - Secondary/Master,
and Secondary/Slave, and as CS. What the heck am I doing
wrong?? I have FreeBSD v. 5.1 on cds, any way of actually
getting them installed?  Thanks for whatever you can do.

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