On Wed, Aug 20, 2003 at 08:29:03PM -0700, Chuck Tuffli wrote:
> Ok, I did a cvsup of ports-base and the build completed without the
> strangeness I saw earlier. Now when I run firebird, nothing happens
> (i.e. no browser window, no message stating an error, no core dump,
> and nothing logged to dmesg).
> Since there aren't any error messages, I'm not sure what info to send
> you. The machine is running 4.8-RELEASE with Linux compatibility built
> into the kernel. "firebird -v" reports
> [92] firebird -v
> Mozilla 1.5a, Copyright (c) 2003 mozilla.org <developer build>

This is a FAQ.

When you update mozilla you often need to remove your old .mozilla
directory (save the bookmarks.html if you like).  They are not very
careful to maintain backwards compatibility.

mozilla is also VERY sensitive to being built with consistent library
interfaces - if you have stale headers lying around on the system, or
old/mismatched versions of the dependencies, it can become confused in
this fashion.


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