Hm well answering my own question, I have discovered the problem
lies in my linksys router off my cable modem at home.  Suddenly
the "pptp pass-through" feature has become "pptp pass-through every so
often".  Upgrading the firmware didn't help.

The funny thing is, a co-worker of mine started to have the exact same
problem at the exact same time -- 50 miles away and with a different
router (d-link).

We both have the same home ISP, Comcast (a very sucky company btw),
which is really the only link between us.



--- Jeff Leary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a 4.5-release firewall / VPN server which has been humming
> along
> without a glitch since 4.5-release first came out.
> I have applied only relevant patches during this time since this
> box's
> only job is ipfilter, ipnat, and mpd.
> Just recently there's been this intermittent behavior of not being
> able
> to login -- but if you keep trying you'll eventually get in after 4
> or
> 5
> attempts.

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