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> As I use my FBSD box at home more and more each day, my Windows box is
> used less and less. That is a good thing.  I would like some recomended
> mail clients that run on both my FBSD box and to run on my Window box.

One obvious choice may be Mozilla (or Netscape) Messenger.  There's
something to be said for running the exact same client on both systems.  In
particular, all of the menus are in the same place, they have the same
keystrokes, can use the same filters, etc.  Also consider using IMAP for
mail storage.  If you make that switch, you can play with mail clients at a
whim and have all of your mail automagically appear in the new program.

> I still need my Windows box to access work via a PIX...

Have you experimented with Wine to see if your software will run under
FreeBSD?  Is there a Linux version that might run?
Kirk Strauser

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