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> Hi,
> I am sending / posting this message to
>       FreeBSD questions mailing list
>       comp.mail.sendmail newsgroup
>       sendmail mailing list
>       possibly other comp.unix.bsd.* newsgroups
> I am quite stumped.  Any and all help is welcomed.  I will be working on this
> problem all day.  Please feel free to contact me directly at '[EMAIL PROTECTED]'
> if you'd like to help me figure this puzzle out.
Did you create the smmsp user / group as part of the upgrade?  Required from
8.12.0 -

8.12.0/8.12.0   2001/09/08
        *NOTICE*: The default installation of sendmail does not use
                set-user-ID root anymore.  You need to create a new user and
                a new group before installing sendmail (both called smmsp by
                default).  The installation process tries to install
                /etc/mail/ and creates /var/spool/clientmqueue by
                default.  Please see sendmail/SECURITY for details.

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