In the process of installing Gnome2, I've run into a problem
with a missing library, and unlike the usual case of my just
not looking hard enough, I'm really stuck this time.

When I try to build scrollkeeper, I get stopped at:

/usr/libexec/elf/ld: cannot find -lgiconv

and then an array of errors reported by gmake. I'm using
libiconv 1.9.1_1, which seems to be the most current, and
for the hell of it I also installed iconv 2.0_3.

According to the archives of this and the ports list, 
this has come up before, but there wasn't any obvious
solution--in one case it just seemed that lgiconv had
been in an earlier version of libiconv, and then been
deleted, but that had been some time ago and if this
had been the problem I would have expected scrollkeeper
to have been fixed itself.

I've made an effort to get all potentially related 
ports updated to their most recent version, but it
hasn't had any effect. I'd be quite grateful if 
someone could tell me what I'm missing.


Jesse Sheidlower
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