> Well, I read that to mean that if I installed
> /boot/boot0 with sysinstall, THEN i should copy
> /boot/boot0 to C:\bootsect.bsd.

Incorrect. That's what you were supposed to do:
> /boot/boot0 needs to be installed using sysinstall by
> selecting the FreeBSD boot manager on the screen which
> asks if you wish to use a boot manager.

This means that you should not deal with /boot/boot0 file manually.

>                                          This is
> because /boot/boot0 has the partition table area
> filled with NULL characters but sysinstall copies the
> partition table before copying /boot/boot0 to the MBR.

> dd if=/dev/ad1 of=c:\bootbaby.sec bs=512 count=1

This was not supposed to work as is. dd has no idea
about your c: disk.

So what exactly did you do?

> Please don't tell me this disk is gone.  There's got
> to be a way to re-create the original partition table
> or re-write a new one that will see the disk's
> contents, etc.???

You may try Norton Disk Utils on that disk. It may find and restore
another copy of you MBR.

Alexander Pohoyda
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