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What I am trying to do is install mod_perl into an existing CGI-enabled environment with the MovableType weblog software.

By "existing" you mean, some vendor (MovableType?) has provided you with a precompiled version of Apache and you want to add mod_perl to the mix?

No, it's all compiled from source.

If so, you should look into compiling and adding the perl module via apxs.

> The super-simple, hey

presto instruction I have found so far don't help at all: I can only get faster perl code and no access to any static html.

When you try to add mod_perl, the result is your perl code runs faster, but apache no longer serves static HTML...? If so, that is remarkably odd. What does the Apache access and error log look like when you try to access a .gif or some such that worked before you added mod_perl?

Well, I'm glad to know my situation isn't the expected result.

I get 403 errors, which suggests I've munged my httpd.conf file somehow.

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