Dan Nelson wrote:

In the last episode (Aug 25), Alex said:

I've got a problem when compiling Peter Gutmann's CryptLib under
FreeBSD 4.8 as it needs some unimplemented function in pthreads
library pthread_atfork().

How can I handle this?
Is it implemented in 5.x?
Or any other way out?

Any help will be usefull :0)

Use the port? /usr/ports/security/cryptlib builds just fine for me on 4.x and 5.x

It was
till cl3.1 beta 5 released

I have no actual idea what Peter had changed there since beta 4 that was compiled w/out any problem but I need beta 5 because of SSH problems in previous betas under FreeBSD.
I looked through /usr/ports/security/cryptlib and found it just downloading tarball from Peter's ftp with all faults I'm facing every time when compiling it.
I mean original makefile ignores -pthread option and hence makes a mass of linker errors to occur.

After all my question is still on :0(

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