On Mon, 2003-08-25 at 21:23, Erick Smith wrote:
> I have a problem building ports on 2 of my machines.
> This problem is new, and occured on each machine (at different times) 
> following a problem with the ports database.  Maybe I screwed up the 
> database?
> Anyway, here's what I get:
> ===>  Installing for gettext-0.12.1
> ===>   Generating temporary packing list
> ===>  Checking if devel/gettext already installed
> *** Error code 1
> This happens on any port build on both machines.  On one machine I've been 
> able to force installs using:
> portinstall -f <insert port path here>
> This seems to only work on only one machine though.
> I'd really like to be able to cure this problem on both machines.  Any clues?

Technically, this shouldn't happen on FreeBSD 5.x.  However, I have
thought of a few reasons why.  First, with which user do you build
ports?  Can you send me the output of ls -ld /var/db/pkg (or whatever
your PKGDB is?  Can you send me the output of:

pkg_info -q -O devel/gettext



> (Running FreeBSD-5.0 CURRENT on both machines)
> Thanks,
> Erick Smith
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