> My department has been tasked with trying to find an alternative to
> in our organization. I can get the normal workplace items, spreadsheets,
> word, etc taken care of, but I have one issue that eludes me. We have an
> application server running on an IBM RS6000 running AIX 4.3 that requires
> IBM 3151 terminal emulation. Is there anyone that has successfully been
> to utilize a termcap for the IBM3151 so that the character sets and
> keys map accordingly when using an xterm session to an IBM RS6000 system
> running AIX?

The naive approach would be to copy the IBM3151 definition from the termcap
on AIX to FreeBSD.
I took a look on the AIX 4.3 (and 5.1) machines that I have access to and
there is no such definition.

What do you currently set your TERM variable to on AIX to get the desired

Matt Emmerton

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