On Tuesday, 26 August 2003 at 17:54:07 -0700, Thomas Smith wrote:
> Thanks to those of you who replied to my previous question. However, I
> don't think the problem was Vinum entirely.
> - Is there a way to tell whether a device is aleady configured? That is,
> if I'm not sure ad1s1e is configured can I test it to see.

  vinum ld

> - Are / slices mirror-able? There seems to be some conflicting
> documentation on this.

It's possible.  How you do it depends on your version of FreeBSD.

> The handbook says yes but www.vinumvm.org, in
> some areas, says no--as does freebsddiary.org and daemonnews.org.

In other areas, notably http://www.vinumvm.org/cfbsd/vinum.pdf, it
says yes.  Point me to the others and I'll update them.

> - I'm coming from a Redhat background where RAID arrays can be
> configured during installation. I understand that this isn't the
> case with FreeBSD due to sysinstall limitation. This begs the
> question: What is the preferred order of events to setup Vinum?

That's in the link above.

> I was never able to get both "up" at the same time--one always showed
> "Referenced". When I looked in /dev/vinum/drives only a1 would be listed
> but not a2.

You don't say what version of FreeBSD you were using, but I recently
fixed a bug which looks like it could be related to this.

Try using /dev/ad0s1a and /dev/ad1s1e and see if you do any better.

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