this mailing list is for FreeBSD specific questions, so if you have further questions with regard to RedHat, look on their website which lists are appropiate.

my disk have had 4 primary partitions:one fat16,one fat32,one ufs,and an
i have some other free space without any  file system made on it.

As it is not possible to have more than 4 primary partitions, the free space is wasted. You should have added it to the extended partition

> i would like to install
red hat 9 useing the free space, but don`t know how to make the partition
layout.should i allot the file system for red hat 9 inside the extented
partition?if not,how can i deal with it?

You can't use the free space as explained above. You must use the extended partition. This will be fine for Linux (but would fail for FreeBSD, as it needs a primary partition for its installation).


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