> Since there have already been a couple of questions on this I thought
> see if anyone could shed some light on something I've noticed since I
> started running chkrootkit. It runs every 15 minutes (overkill? Nah.) in
> quiet mode to cut down on noise in the logs, and sporadically I get
> notifications:
> You have     1 process hidden for readdir command
> You have     1 process hidden for ps command
> Warning: Possible LKM Trojan installed
> These messages will appear only on the odd occasion, seemingly
completely at
> random.
> False positives or very crafty rootkit?
> Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Sean,
I too have occasionally seen these, I am running 4.7-RELEASE.

Also, thanks for mentioning -q, I never knew there was such a thing :-)

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