Viktor Lazlo wrote:

On Tue, 26 Aug 2003, Heinrich Rebehn wrote:


please forgive me if this is a FAQ, but just what is the meaning of the RELENG_4
branch? Is it more current then RELENG_4_7 or RELENG_4_8 ?
What should i use if i want to get security patches for my 4.7-RELEASE-p4
What would happen if i use RELENG_4 ?

RELENG_4 is the development branch for FreeBSD-STABLE. RELENG_4_7 and
RELENG_4_8 are the security fix branches for those releases.  If you want
to track the most current code, use RELENG_4.  If you just want to ensure
your system is updated with the latest security patches for your release
use RELENG_4_7, or RELENG_4_8 if you want to upgrade.



Is RELENG_4 to be considered stable? I.e. can i use it for production?

Also i am still a bit unsure, what CURRENT, RELEASE and STABLE mean.
From other OS's, i know that "Release" means "for production use".
But 5.x-RELEASE is said to be not for production.
Is STABLE more stable than RELEASE?

Thanks for any insight


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