On 19:53 Thu 28 Aug     , Ahmad Memon wrote:
>    Hello..
>    We are having presentations on different OS in our class.. and i chose
>    the Unix freeBSD for my group to do a presentation on.. i would like
>    some info - if possible - on this system, or anything that could help
>    me with that presentation. So i thought maybe u could give me some
>    tips or some websites where i could find some info that could give me
>    an edge over the other students of my class.

Have you read any of the documents at http://www.freebsd.org? Perhaps the
handbook, or some of the links listed on the "For Newbies" page would prove
useful. If course, if you really want to research FreeBSD: install it and
use it for a while.

Matthew Graybosch
"The best way to lose an argument is to throw the first punch."
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