Desmond Lee <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> However, can you do this on freeBSD? I mean, with RedHat it does it for
> you so that you have a floppy and cdrom icon on your desktop. But can
> you do that w/ freeBSD? I don't think so cause if there is no floppy/zip
> disk/ or cdRom in the drive when you mount, it will return you an error.
> So trying to mount these on boot is not right... is this correct?

The usual approach for this is an automounter: see amd(8).

> Is there any way that I can get no root users to mount files systems
> like cdrom, zip and floppy?

Yes.  See the FreeBSD FAQ: "How do I let ordinary users mount
floppies, CDROMs and other removable media?"

> I tried to look this up and some people said to use the "user" option in
> the /etc/fstab file, but this didn't work.

That advice is for Linux.  
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