Ahmad Memon wrote:

   We are having presentations on different OS in our class.. and i chose
   the Unix freeBSD for my group to do a presentation on.. i would like
   some info - if possible - on this system, or anything that could help
   me with that presentation. So i thought maybe u could give me some
   tips or some websites where i could find some info that could give me
   an edge over the other students of my class.

Well, as other posters have suggested, install it and live with it: there's no better way.

It's a bit much to expect anyone on this mailing list to help you get an edge over your classmates. But doing an installation and learning how it really works will certainly teach you a lot.

When you have specific questions, come back and you'll get all the help you need (hint: this is one of the advantages of FreeBSD over the Leading Brand).

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