Simon Barner wrote:
Is RELENG_4 to be considered stable? I.e. can i use it for production?

Well, that depends. At the moment, -stable has (or had) some stability problems
since some enhancements for huge memory systems (> 4gb) where merged
from -current).

I think the best for production system is the latest security branch,
i.e. RELENG_4_8 which is the latest release (4.8-RELEASE) + all the
security fixes that have been released so far. -stable aka. RELENG_4
contains those fixes + other bug fixes + feature enhancements, that
might cause problems once in a while.

Also i am still a bit unsure, what CURRENT, RELEASE and STABLE mean.
From other OS's, i know that "Release" means "for production use".
But 5.x-RELEASE is said to be not for production.

The FreeBSD 5.x releases were made in order to provide a solid test
basis for the very latest branch of FreeBSD. Although it runs very
stable for a lot of people, more conservative users that do not need any
of the new features in FreeBSD 5.x are recommended stay with FreeBSD 4.x
at the present.


Thank you. Yet another question: I would like to update my source tree automatically each night. However the cvs login requires a password to be typed in. Is there any way to automate this? Strangely, the cvs man page does not even mention the login command.
I know that cvsup would be an alternative, i'm just used to using cvs from OpenBSD (where no login is required).


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