I downloaded and burned the two ISO for 4.8.  I have no issues with the
media and have ³completed² an install. The NIC is not being recognized
however, it is a Netgear FA310TX.   I havenıt had issues with older versions
of FreeBSD... The kernel is not recognizing and NIC driver... I tried to
manually select each Network driver in UserConfig with no success when I
select AT&T Starlan 10 and EN100, 3c507, NI5210 I get a  conflict with with
the PC-card controller ­ this is not a laptop so I donıt know why the kernel
is trying to install that... The light on my router/hub is green so the
cable is good... 

Any ideas? I am going to run a low traffic site on this with Apache2 and
php, maybe MySQL, would moving to 5.0 be adequate (5.0 recognized the driver
right away)


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