Hello All!

Unfortunatly, i was having a minor hard disk problem on my first FreeBSD installation, and (so used to Debian) i thought i could fsck after "shutdown now". Apparently this was not the case, as my file systems were still mounted. After a quick re-install, with backups, it appears my MBR is corrupted as it will not start the /boot/loader and my BIOS recognizes my disk as a "non system disk" (FreeBSD has been re-installed, to get into the system i use the boot2 from the bootable CD).

Is there anyway i can manually install the FreeBSD boot loader while in the system? I figured it is dd'ing the /boot files to the beginning of my hard disk, but i don't know what location nor how safe this is. Thank to all of you in advance!
-Rian Hunter

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