I'm experimenting with dvd players, and I read the agle worked very well.
I've got a STABLE machine that's pretty much up to date, including Gnome2.
When I started building the ogle-gui port I noticed that it was building a
bumch of, what looks like to me, Gome 1.4 libraries.

Having just gone through a conversion to Gnome2 on anothe STABLE machien,
and remembering that I had to pkg_remove a bunch of Gnome 1.4 stuff, I
aborted this build.

Is it safe to build this port on a Gnome2 based system? If not what do I
need to check to make certain it hasn't installed stuff that's going to
present a problem? The make ran a while before I was certain what was going
on. It was just going to fetch Gnome-print, when I aborted it.


"They that would give up essential liberty for temporary safety deserve
neither liberty nor safety."
                                                -- Benjamin Franklin
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