Jesse Sheidlower wrote:
I recently upgraded my desktop to Gnome2, and of the various things
that are causing me grief, the biggest is what's happened to my xterm
windows. Now, after the change, it does three things differently and
annoyingly: (1) it defaults to black/colored text on a white
background; (2) it doesn't have a scrollbar of any sort; and (3)
there's no menubar with basic "File"/"Edit" etc. options.

Sounds like the gnome terminal or eterm. The standard xterm doesn't give you a menubar.

I can somewhat get around (1) by launching it with "xterm -r",
although while this does display white/colored on black, it also
makes other menus (e.g. those launched with ctrl-[mouse buttons])
look incomplete.

You can set up .Xresources to change the behaviour of all xterms: XTerm*reverseVideo: true XTerm*ScrollBar: off XTerm*SaveLines: 300

But (2) is the worst; I really need to have
scrollbars with this. I see that there's a toggleable option to
"Enable Scrollbar" that I get to with ctrl-Mouse2, but this isn't a
regular scrollbar that I can click up and down on, with a moveable
thumb, etc., as I used to have before the upgrade and as the
gnome-terminal has now.
XTerm*ScrollBar:        off
XTerm*SaveLines:        300

and 'xterm -sb'

Hmm. I certainly thought I was using xterm, as I recall setting
up the icon to launch xterm, and my .bashrc is setting TERM
to xterm-color rather than gnome-terminal or anything else.

TERM states the capabilities of the terminal. Since most terminals implements the same feature set for input as xterm does, they use the same entry in termcap.

Is it possible that the functional scrollbars, etc., were an addition of the window manager, and if so is there any way to replicate it now?

Use eterm or any other clone.


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