On Tue, 2 Sep 2003 01:08, Michael Vondung wrote:
> Malcolm wrote:
> > Sould work if you use '\\\\', that is: AT&F\\\\N9
> > which the first interpretation reduces to: AT&F\\N9
> Thank you! This worked indeed. After an hour of frustrating fiddling I also
> figured out that the string I needed for this particular ISP was AT&F\N10
> rather than AT&F\N9  -- and yet another hour later I managed to figure out
> that my user name needed to be in a different format (very cryptic and well
> hidden on the ISP's pages) than the one used in the ISP's dialer software
> for Windows. (User PPP is almost too verbose.)
> So, PPP now connects just fine. The only problem is that FreeBSD doesn't
> recognise this connection as its primary connection to the Internet. Up
> until this point, the FreeBSD box used the shared Internet connection of a
> Windows XP system (a situation I'm attempting to reverse). Even when the
> PPP connection is established, "ping", "traceroute", etcetera go via the
> LAN to the XP box ... and time out because the XP machine doesn't have an
> active connection to the Internet. Probably off topic under this subject
> line, but would you know where I should start looking?
> Thanks!

Do you have the line:
add default HISADDR
in your ppp.conf file -- either default or under the particular connection.

You probably have:
defaultrouter="XP machines IP address"
in /etc/rc.conf although I think this should be overridden when ppp activates.


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