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> Sent: 01 September 2003 23:49
> To: Aled Treharne; [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Subject: Re: no response on unnumbered bridged interface?
> Is the system configured to forward packets? Assuming that 5.x has the
> following variables available (I still run 4.8 here), try:
> sysctl -a |grep forwarding
> You should see "net.inet.ip.forwarding: 1". If it's 0, then your
> won't pass traffic between the the interfaces.

You're right, it won't. *sigh* But it does now.

Thanks for that. I can't believe I missed that one out. There ends a
weekend of pissing around (all hardware sucks). :)

Now to see if I can trim down my ruleset a little bit.


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