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I have been playing a few hours with sendmail settings, but I failed to
configure it correctly. I want to explain what I want to do. Perhaps
sendmail is the wrong tool for this.

I want to send mail from /usr/bin/mail, emacs, vi etc and forward it 
to my provider. That means, the local "From:" address and other 
headers need to be mapped to my external mail address. It is not 
enough to just rewrite the host name. The user name is also different.

I have read several documents now. The FreeBSD handbook (contains
errors with dialup configurations btw), the freebsddiary, an
explanation directly from and few from some universities.
I have been searching on google, but the combination of smart host
and genericstable seems very unusual.

Nothing works so far. I can see that SMART_HOST setting works, because
sendmail is always giving me MAILER-DAEMON-mails containing chat-logs 
with the external SMTP server. But the From-Line was not translated
according to my settings in /etc/mail/genericstable (yes, it contains
tabs and not spaces). GENERICS_DOMAIN_FILE is correct, too, in my

When I remove the SMART_HOST setting. The From-lines are translated
correctly, but the mail will get bounced of course, because I'm

The FreeBSD handbook does not mention genericstable and how it works
and if it works. I cannot see what is wrong and sendmail -bt shows
that it does not translate addresses.


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