> I had a question....
> I have 4 filesystems that I want to dump(8) to my SCSI Tape backup drive 
> (Travan 4GB uncompressed).  The filesystems are, "/", "/usr", "/var", and 
> "/usr/home."  All four filesystems equal about 2.5Gigs of data.
> I dumped the first filesystem "/" by executing, "dump -0uf /dev/sa0 / " 
> ....then executed, "mt -f /dev/sa0 eom" to move the tape to the end of the 
> backup (to append to the tape), then dumped the second filesystem (/usr) 
> using,"dump -0uf /dev/sa0 /usr".  Then once again I executed, "mt -f 
> /dev/sa0" to move the tape to the end (to append to it).

You need to use the "norewind" device for the tape.   Otherwise the
tape will rewind between each operation so each thing, including each
backup (even after an eom or mt fsf n), starts at the beginning of the tape.

So I use dump -0af /dev/nrsa0


> When I go to execute, "restore -if /dev/sa0" to confirm that both filesystems 
> were saved so far, there's only ONE filesystem saved to the tape "/".  I 
> can't 'cd' to /var because it's not on the tape.  What am I doing wrong???  I 
> know I still have plenty of tape left to save other filesystems, but it's not 
> dumping anything after the first filesystem.
> Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong??
> Thanks,
> >>> Michael
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