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Tuesday, September 2, 2003, 1:27:16 PM, you wrote:

RD> For some reason, I am not receiving mail sent from cron to root.
RD> Therefore, I cannot see any of my (rather important) daily cron logs.

RD> I can send mail to root from anyplace else, either inside or outside 
RD> the box, and it arrives at the forwarded location ([EMAIL PROTECTED], 
RD> an external domain).

RD> Can you think what might be going wrong?

Well, lets start with the obvious.

1. What do your qmail logs say? Are they showing cron delivery acceptance
locally, and a bounce, during the supposed cron delivery time, or what?
Logs will tell us a lot.

2. Did you check your cron cofig.. Does it actually send it to root, or
something like cron-daemon, etc... If cron's mail sends it other than to root,
chances are you do not have an alias for that name that it sends it to.
Qmail logs will tell us.

3. By default, qmail will not send any email to root, which is why I suggested
to use (if you don't have it already), the /var/qmail/alias dir and set up
your .qmail-root file pointing to a local user's .qmail file there.. root
should be aliased.  I know you are sending to root remotely and locally
now, and it is working.  Best bet would be to look at the qmail logs.

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