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> The FreeBSD/racoon to FreeBSD/racoon is up and I must say, is reaaaaly
> cool. Now if I could get the Win2k running over IPsec, it would be
> great. Where'd those howto's get to? Anyone got something like this
> going?

I have running a W2k/racoon/wifi setup with authentification via
certificates. I use fixed IP addresses. The big problem is the setup
of the windows client because of the GUI. The documentation on
http://myhome.spu.edu/cdietlein/ipsec/ was realy
helpfull. Dokumentation via screenshoot.

Set it up as described in the document and read the racoon error
messages. At my setup session I try and try and try and was so
frustrated that I leave the office to get a cup of coffee. After I
returned the connection was up and running. ;-) If you want to show
someone the ugliness of windows, let him setup ipsec.

There is also a tool called «ipsecmon» (I think) under w2k which
may help you.

Bis dann

Matthias Teege -- http://www.mteege.de
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