To all:

I have just installed FreeBSD 5.0 on a Pent. 200 MMX w/192 MB RAM and 3 8 GB
HDs (SCSI-using AHA-2940U).  My NIC is a 3c905b-tx.  The MB is set to
non-plug-and-play.  While booting the NIC shows link on my hub, but no
activity (duh), but as soon as the kernel sends configuration parameters to
the NIC it goes link lights or anything.  I know the NIC works
fine as I was using it with Win98SE just minutes before loading FreeBSD 5.0.
I use the NICs config prog to check all the settings and they all appear to
be fine.  This is only my fourth install of FreeBSD so I am quite the
novice, but I have never ran in to an issue with the NIC doing this

Please help!!

Wilson Steiger
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