> I have just installed FreeBSD 5.0 on a Pent. 200 MMX w/192 MB 
> RAM and 3 8 GB
> HDs (SCSI-using AHA-2940U).  My NIC is a 3c905b-tx.  The MB is set to
> non-plug-and-play.  While booting the NIC shows link on my hub, but no
> activity (duh), but as soon as the kernel sends configuration 
> parameters to
> the NIC it goes offline...no link lights or anything.  I know 
> the NIC works
> fine as I was using it with Win98SE just minutes before 
> loading FreeBSD 5.0.
> I use the NICs config prog to check all the settings and they 
> all appear to
> be fine.  This is only my fourth install of FreeBSD so I am quite the
> novice, but I have never ran in to an issue with the NIC doing this
> before...

Did you compile your kernel with support for:
Device xl (3Com 3c50x nics)

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