I have the same problem with my FreeBSD 5.1-R system on an Intel 865 chipset 
box.  I have two hard drives on one IDE channel and a CD-R/W and CD-ROM on 
the other.  FreeBSD always recognizes the CD drive that is jumpered master 
and throws the "Retries Exceeded" error for the slave, regardless of which 
drive is master and which is slave.

I've just ignored this problem so far as it isn't mission-critical, but it 
seems like a shared problem is a good one to solve.  Any advice from this 
list would be heartily appreciated!


> I have installed FreeBSD-4.8-stable on my Intel 815 chipset Pentium III box. 
> It has a hard drive (Seagate ST-340014A)jumpered as primary master and a 
> DVDROM (Asus E616) jumpered as the primary slave. I also have a CDWriter 
> (Samsung SW-212B) on the secondary master. When FreeBSD Boots up it throws 
> out an error while identifying the DVDROM Drive as ATA Device Identification 
> Retries Exceeded. If i change the places of the DVDROM and cdwriter then the 
> dvdrom works fine but the same error occurs for the cdwriter which is now 
> primary slave. The firmware of the DVDROM is updated to the latest release 
> and so in the MotherBoard BIOS (Fujitsu-siemens D1184). All the drives works 
> fine in Windows as well as NetBSD and Linux. I would be very grateful to 
> anyone who would please guide to get all my drives working under FreeBSD.

Robert Froese, RPF
Assistant Professor, Forest Biometrics
School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science
Michigan Technological University, Houghton MI.

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