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| Vince Hoffman proclaimed:
| Hi all,
|       I'm running 4.8-RELEASE on an ancient Dual P.Pro proliant, and its
| not correctly detecting how much RAM i have, is there a way to tell
| FreeBSD the correct amount? I'm sure i saw something on the list about
| this a while back but my googling hasnt come up with anything. :(

Yeah, I have a couple old Proliant 5000R's, and this was always a problem 
for me.  I added this statement to my kernel config to make it detect and 
use all of the memory:

options    MAXMEM="(128*1024)"

In this case, the 128 represents the amount of RAM you have in MB.  From 

# MAXMEM specifies the amount of RAM on the machine; if this is not
# specified, FreeBSD will first read the amount of memory from the CMOS
# RAM, so the amount of memory will initially be limited to 64MB or 16MB
# depending on the BIOS.  If the BIOS reports 64MB, a memory probe will
# then attempt to detect the installed amount of RAM.  If this probe
# fails to detect >64MB RAM you will have to use the MAXMEM option.
# The amount is in kilobytes, so for a machine with 128MB of RAM, it would
# be 131072 (128 * 1024).

perl -e 'print unpack("u","88V]N=&%C=\"!I;F9O(&EN(&AE861E<G,*");'

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