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> Hi lists,


> I just upgraded horde and php on our server via portupgrade.
> After the upgrade nothing was working anymore, it was impossible to login 
> to horde anymore.
> I noticed that my horde/imp configuration files had been replced by the 
> default files. My old files had been saved as <filename>.bak.
> Is this expected behaviour? Wouldn't it be better to leave the config files 
> intact and install the new ones as <filename>.dist.new or something similar?
> This way the application would still be working after the upgrade and i 
> would have time to inspect the new default config files for changes without 
> being disturbed by users complaining that they can't use their webmail 
> interface anymore?

This is a known problem, and unfortunately, I have not yet found a
satisfying solution. Usually, the configuration files of a release n
don't work anymore with release n+1.

Previous configuration files are backuped as .previous, and I personally
use gvimdiff to copy changes to the new files. Actually, we would need a
kind of mergemaster...

Any better ideas or patches are welcome!

Th. Thomas.

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