On Wednesday 03 September 2003 11:01 am, Doug Love wrote:
> A friend recommends your OS over Linux for my home system.
> I've taken a 2 day Linux Admin course, and know just about that much.
> I don't see a quick answer on your webpages to my questions.
> Where can I find
>    Fortran
>     Basic
>     A Database similar to Access

There are no products similar to MS Access.  MS Access is a **desktop** 
database with good connectivity and some **nifty** RAD/GUI tools.  Even with 
Codeweaver's CrossOffice 2.0, however, MS Access has memory problems running 
on Linux.  (This is from personal experience.)

Database servers include PostgreSQL and MySQL (there are others).  If you tend 
to push your hardware limits, I recommend PostgreSQL on FreeBSD over either 
database on Linux. (I've tried both databases on Linux and FreeBSD on the 
same hardware.  Your Mileage May Vary.)  Privilege administration is easier 
in MySQL since it allows the use of wildcards in place of database and table 
names.  MySQL, however, does not have a boolean (true/false, yes/no) data 

ODBC drivers are available for both PostgreSQL and MySQL.  Using MS Access as 
a GUI, client to PostgreSQL or MySQL works very well for applications and 
data analysis; but is not a good choice for database server administration.

>     Spreadsheets

Spreadsheet programs include gnumeric, OpenOffice and Kspread.

>     Pkzip

There are various compression utilities.  I actually prefer to use gzip on the 
command line in both FreeBSD and Windows.  There is also a GUI gzip for 
Windows: wingz.

> I hear a lot about the system being a server, but all I need to do is
> browse the web and use email similar to Netscape.  How easy is it to set
> up?

Install a desktop and run Mozilla, which is at the core of Netscape.  It will 
look very familiar.  It includes the browser, email client, etc.

Be Advised:  There is a Supply-Side Economics aspect to FreeBSD.  You may find 
that the possibilities increase your "needs".    ;-)

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Have fun,

Andrew Gould

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