Before starting, I should say that I've RTFM'd, looked in
the FAQ and the mailing lists, etc. I've seen lots of people
complaining about similar problems but no answers.
I have an existing partition table, and I'd like FreeBSD
to fit into it with as little damage to the existing OSs as
possible. The setup I have (as reported by OpenBSD disklabel)

a: 262144 257040 4.2BSD 1024 8192 16
b: 16384 519184 swap c: 498015 257040 unused 0 0 d: 219487 535568 4.2BSD 1024 8192 16
e: 4000122 6747363 4.2BSD 1024 8192 16
i: 256977 63 ext2fs l: 5992245 755055 MSDOS m: 45351432 10747548 MSDOS n: 32001417 56099043 MSDOS o: 32001417 88100523 MSDOS

It took me ages to figure out how to achieve this under
OpenBSD, and then after install I couldn't get X to work.
So I'm trying FreeBSD - of course bsdlabel only supports
slices a-h for some reason that is never explained, so I
have to delete half of the slices. Fine, I do that.
So with a heavily edited label file I try:
bsdlabel -R /dev/ad2s0 bsdlabel_file

Every slice starts "after end of unit" and "extends beyond
end of unit." The c slice "doesn't cover entire unit!"

Okay, I can deal with that, I think - just extend the c
slice to cover the entire disk, use "bsdlabel -A" (after a
"bsdlabel -w") to read the disk configuration and edit it
to ensure that it's not broken, and try again.

I get the same errors. How can the first slice possibly
begin "after end of unit" and what do I do to fix this?
How are these "unit"-related numbers calculated? Does
"unit"===entire-hard-disk? Why does this fail even when
I make the c slice cover the entire hard disk?

Also, I'd like to have the a slice to be a small one
from the main partition table, and /usr mounted on a
larger slice within the extended partition table. I
managed this under OpenBSD with the table above - is
there a problem (other than the one I mentioned) with
using this type of table in FreeBSD?

Finally, before you tell me to try sysinstall - I tried
it. I'm sure it has its uses, but the interactive fdisk
part is unable to understand extended partitions, and
the interactive disklabel does not allow you to specify
your own begin/end for slices, either in sectors, or in
cyl/trk/head. So it's useless for my purposes. The only
possible use I can see for it is for people who want to
devote their entire machine to FreeBSD. That's something
I noticed in OpenBSD also - both OSs seem about 10 years
behind when it comes to supporting mutli-boot systems :(

Anyway, any help would be appreciated...

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