Poor form to anwser my own question but ....

I removed and inspected the IDE cables... found one with some damage - I suspect this is the

Happend to get a Promise TX2000 raid card yesterday , so I reinstalled (+ new cables).
Retesting the scenario finds that iostat is not blocked.



P.s : Still seeing loss of 2 processor scaling where *any* io is involved, but I will study this some more and post to smp if cant understand it (I wonder if its something to do with running 2 copies of the *same* binary).

Mark Kirkwood wrote:

iostat blocks until the process is completed. If I start iostat *first*, then it does not block, and
I can see the io activity generated by the process when it starts.

I am running the SMP kernel, but can reproduce this using GENERIC.

Any ideas ?

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