> > The fact that the FQDN for this box is simply 'larry' is 
> the cause of
> > the problem...?
> Yes. Sort of. As I understand it, 'larry' isn't enough to get be an 
> entire FQDN. So, really, it's not a FQDN, since 'larry' isn't a top 
> level domain like 'com' or 'org'. But, more simply, yes, 
> that's part of 
> the problem.

After much frustration, I deleted every .cf file in /etc/mail, and
edited every .mc file to include the line:
Define(`confDOMAIN_NAME', `howse.no-ip.org')
Then ran:
# make cf
# make install

That still didn't work.

I remembered that I use a Dynamic DNS service called noip.com to resolve
my dynamic ip to 'howse.no-ip.org' on my Linux box, so I changed my
hostname from 'larry' to 'larry.howse.no-ip.org'.
That fixed it!

Now, when I get mail from FBSD, it comes from [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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