Figured I'd start with my FreeBSD friends first before bugging the VNC

I used to have VNC tunneling over ssh just fine, but then had to redo my
system drive. I used FreeBSD 5.1 before and still do now, however it's not
working. I'm using the same PuTTY system so the config is the same as from
before when it worked. So something is different at the FreeBSD end. 

The PuTTY log shows:

2003-09-04 11:26:28     Opening forwarded connection to localhost:5901
2003-09-04 11:26:28     Forwarded connection refused by server

And /var/log/messages shows:

Sep  4 11:26:28 scott sshd[37213]: error: getsockopt TCP_NODELAY:
Connection reset by peer

Maybe I'm just dumb and missed something I configured before, but I can't
figure out what. Can someone offer insight? Thanks

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