I am trying to work with an extension to the gramofile analog -> digital recording 
app, The stock version is in ports and works fine, but someone has written a clever 
extension to it that takes the track information for a recording (from freedb) and 
does all the track splitting, signal processing and encoding -- automagically. 

My problem is that the swig stuff doesn't build -- perhaps its for an older version -- 
and that's the key ingredient to making this work.  

With a little chainsaw modification, I have gotten a little further than the initial 
error diagnostics, but it's messy. 

The stuff I hope to use if this can be made to work can be found here:  

Paul Beard / 8040 27th Ave NE / Seattle WA 98115 /
paulbeard [at] mac [ dot] com / 206 529 8400

weblog @ <http://paulbeard.no-ip.org/movabletype/>
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