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Subject: Re: RAID1 is DEGRADED, but which disk is faulty?

> Is it safe to shut it down and see what the Promise firmware
> is saying? Or will i then lose the ability to tell which disk is
> good and which has problems?

I use an ASUS A7V333 board, with the onboard Promise PDC 20276 RAID
controller (ATA133). Last summer I had the exact problem as you:

ar0: ATA RAID1 subdisks: ad4 ad6 status: DEGRADED

As the BIOS does a scan on the array at startup, going into the setup, it
was immediately clear which drive was failing; and I could just rebuild from
the BIOS (after putting in a new disk).

There is also a "manual" test you could try. Simply open up your casing, and
feel which drive is cold. :) Because after the array was degraded, ad6, in
my case, was turned off.

FreeBSD, btw, was able to boot off the degraded array as well. And, I mean,
why not even? That is the whole purpose of RAID1. The warning messages kinda
look scary, and make you feel your system is on the verge of collapse. But
in reality, you just have a system running on one hard disk, like millions
of other computers in the world. :)

- Mark

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