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"Rommel B. Ikeda" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Thanks very much for the reply, my apologies for not replying so soon....
> Actually, I posted my question on "host and hostname", because, I have been
> trying to find out if my Internet Settings is correct or not...I am having
> problems with cvsup for a very long long time now...
> Actually, I did tried:
> # host freebsd.org
> Host not found, Try again
> I know that their is something wrong with our internet connection in our
> company...but, I do not think that the person in-charge of our Computer Room
> can help me...Unfortunately, Although we are an NGO, Nobody knows about
> FreeBSD yet in our Organization...
> Anyways, about my comments on "Can someone point me to some information
> about it aside from the man
> pages...", I do read the man pages, everytime, but on the time that I was
> reading about the "host and hostname", I was a little in a hurry and those
> technical terms just made my head ached so, I though maybe I would ask
> everybody, just for this time...My head was really full with the problems I
> have with cvsup...
> Thanks anyway...
> Rommel B. Ikeda
> OISCA-International
> http://www.oisca.org/

Looks like you don't have /etc/resolv.conf file.

The content would be like this, assuming your site has no other name servers:

domain oisca.org

        BTW, the nameservers are taken from whois database for oisca.org.


horio shoichi

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