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> There is  a question, sorry if you find it stupid.
> I need to control a bunch of files.
> As soon as any of these files changes it should be immediately
> rechecked and correct chmod and chown reset on this file(s).
> Though I can do it from a simple script executed by the cron every
> five minutes or so, I'd like them to be controlled by a process which
> would monitor any possible changes in these files and would do the
> job upon the event.
> Can anybody give me a hint?

Are you any good at C programming? If so, check out the man page for
kqueue(2) -- you can register a series of kevents with the kernel, and
it will inform your process whenever one of those events occurs.  One
of the standard "event filters" is EVFILT_VNODE, which will tell you
when a vnode (ie file, in this case) gets modified, including such
changes as unlinking the file, renaming it, change of attributes
(ownership, mode) etc.



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