Dear freeBSD enthusiast,
     Greetings.  I am a newcomer to the BSD/Unix world.  My place of
employment is a large agency with thousands of client machines.  Most of
the clients use Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional operating system.  Most
of the servers use either Novell operating system, or I.B.M. Domino
operating system.  A very important ritual that each client computer
performs every morning at boot-up time is to run a virus scan application
program.  This program is run whether or not the user desires it, because
it runs before the user us granted a log-on screen.  In my reading of Unix
and BSD literature, I have found no mention of virus scan programs for
these operating systems.  Do such programs not exist? Alternately, is the
Unix/BSD approach to this problem in a different philosophical and/or
procedural sphere?  If so, could you describe the Unix/BSD approach to
locating and eradicating these invaders of one's hard drive?  If the issue
is already explained in either printed literature, or posted at a world
wide web site, it is sufficient to cite the location.  Many thanks for your

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